The NBA Can't Have a HORSE Tournament Without Kevin Durant and David Kalb

Stephen Douglas
Kevin Durant, the NBA's undisputed HORSE king.
Kevin Durant, the NBA's undisputed HORSE king. / Harry How/Getty Images

The NBA is holding a HORSE competition involving Chris Paul, Trae Young, and Zach LaVine along with some WNBA players and retired NBA players. There are two names missing from that list that prevent the competition from being legitimate - Kevin Durant and David Kalb.

KD and DK.

Durant is the only player to win the NBA's official GEICO/HORSE tournament when it was briefly revived for the 2009 and 2010 NBA All-Star Weekends. Kalb beat LeBron James in HORSE twice in 2008.

LeBron played Kalb, a warehouse worker and former D-III basketball player, in a game was set up by - of all companies - Cub Cadet. The lawn mower brand held a trick shot competition for a chance to take on LeBron. Kalb beat LeBron and then accepted a rematch and beat him again.

Kalb was still making trick shot videos a year ago, so he's probably game. KD needs to be there as the league's reigning champ. Of course, the inclusion of either of these guys will definitely keep LeBron James away, which might be the best thing for the sports talk industrial complex.