The Script NBA Finals Logo Is Back!

Kyle Koster

We used to be a proper country with an NBA Finals logo worthy of praise. Then five years ago, for reasons unbeknownst to man, the league decided to do away with the script font on the annual edition. The fog of war on cursive can lead to disastrous decisions and so it's excellent to see cooler heads have prevailed over at NBA HQ, which introduced the 2022 Finals logo this morning.

The script. Is. Back.

We will look back on these past few years and wonder what the hell happened. Why we sacrificed form and function to shoehorn a YouTube sponsorship in there.

But the important thing is that we learn from these mistakes and go forth with a commitment to be better. To write things in cursive to preserve the timeless art against the crushing waves of technology.

People really care about this. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.