These First-Round NBA Draft Prospects Were Born the Year LeBron James Was Drafted

Liam McKeone
Jalen Duren
Jalen Duren / Abbie Parr/GettyImages

Dreams will come true tonight at the 2022 NBA Draft. This year's affair is particularly loaded with one-and-done prospects; the expected top three picks are all freshman for the first time in five years.

On a related note, you know who's been playing in the league for a very long time now? LeBron James. The King was drafted in 2003, which is 19 years ago now. That means that, for the first time, this class is largely made up of players who were born the same year LeBron got drafted. Makes everybody feel old, eh? Imagine how LeBron feels.

In anticipation of this little factoid getting mentioned every five minutes on tonight's draft broadcast (much like what the NFL does with Tom Brady every year), here are the first-round prospects who were born the year LeBron entered the NBA.

Jabari Smith Jr. -- born May 13, 2003
Dyson Daniels -- born March 17, 2003
Ousmane Dieng -- born May 21, 2003
Shaedon Sharpe -- born May 30, 2003
Jalen Duren -- born November 18, 2003 (LeBron played that day and recorded 14 points, eight rebounds, and seven assists in an eight-point win over the Clippers)
Jeremy Sochan -- born May 20, 2003
AJ Griffin -- born August 25, 2003
Nikola Jović -- born June 9, 2003
Malaki Branham -- born May 12, 2003
Blake Wesley -- born March 16, 2003

There are many more players in this category but these are the first-round prospects who will get a good amount of broadcast time. A lot of May birthdays in there for some reason.

Food for thought for us oldies.