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The NBA Should Have Told Us They Were Experimenting With CGI Referees This Season

Stephen Douglas
CGI referees during the Magic - Knicks game.
CGI referees during the Magic - Knicks game. /

The New York Knicks beat the Orlando Magic, 94-93, on Thursday night. Late in the game the broadcast had a glitch that revealed that the officials working the game were either deceased Jedi masters or CGI referees.

If anyone can explain this, please, let us know. Because if these really are CGI officials then it explains why there have been so many bad calls this season.

But seriously folks, what is up with this video? Wouldn't it be great to live in a world where an eye in the sky made all the calls while officials just appeared on the court, not taking up any space? We could cut 15 minutes out of the end of every game if we just had a replay official making immediate determinations. No more long huddles between imperfect humans and no one for angry players to chase to the locker room.