The NBA's Bubble City Will Be Intensely Fortified

Alex Menendez/Getty Images

The NBA intends to finish its basketball season in Orlando, at the most magical place in all the land. To do so will take a heaping handful of luck, as well as extremely thorough planning. As further details of the undertaking emerge, it's clear that the whole thing is a massive undertaking that can only work if players' personal interactions are limited to those also under strict supervision and protection.

To wit, there will need to be some extra security to make sure there's no funny business. And the NBA has ensured there will hired guns to preserve the integrity of the brave new and weird world.

That's right, they are funding the police, perhaps providing overtime opportunities. Plus the special-ops, who will be tasked with what -- keeping an eye on a potential Dion Waiters-J.R. Smith pairing?

It goes without saying that all of these guys and gals should be given tickets to the games and sit in the stands while in full uniform. Embrace the dystopian nature of it all and make sure things don't feel normal for even a few fleeting seconds.