NBA Bans 'Ninja-Style Headwear' For 2019 Season

Liam McKeone

The NBA may be the coolest of the four major American sports leagues, but it remains a bureaucracy where change is slow-coming and everything must go through a process. We were all reminded of this on Monday as the NBA has banned “ninja-style headbands” from the floor ahead of the 2019 season.

Players such as De'Aaron Fox and Mike Scott made usage of these ninja-style headbands popular. For my two cents, I cannot imagine what teams could possibly be complaining about. No one is going to wear a headband so long it causes safety issues. And how long could a review take of “how they are tied”? What does that even mean? Will the NBA only accept a Windsor knot?

Seems like a dumb thing to be getting worked up over, especially given the NBA is viewed as the most progressive of the leagues. This is something the NFL would pull. Let the kids play!