What if the NBA Has to Declare the Winner of the '5 Tournament' the 2020 NBA Champion?

Stephen Douglas
Rio / Harry How/Getty Images

What happens if the NBA is not able to complete their season in the Disney Bubble for whatever reason? Will the league just move on and go without a champion for the first time in the league's history? Hopefully, it doesn't come to that, but what if it does? What will the league do?

The obvious choice is to turn to the NBA's Delete Eight in Chicago. This was meant as a competition to see who could fulfill RSN agreements, but what if these are the last teams standing? Would the league recognize the best team from the Chicago Bubble as the de facto NBA Champion?

What if something happened that prematurely ended both bubbles? Could the New York Knicks become champions? Nah. That's not definitely not an option. So where can the NBA turn for an NBA champion? How about something called The 5 Tournament?

A 3-on-3 tournament with six teams full of former NBA players that will take place in a few weeks on what might be the longest PPV in history. Ice Cube must be furious.

Joe Johnson, Mike Bibby, Nate Robinson... Eddy Curry. Thirty players and 11 days. This could work. This is where we could find the 2020 NBA Champs. And no matter who wins, you know Mario Chalmers is taking the biggest shot. This is our fate.