Mics Caught Colorado's Nazem Kadri Talking Some Really Mean Trash to Buffalo's Brandon Montour

Stephen Douglas
Colorado Avalanche v New Jersey Devils
Colorado Avalanche v New Jersey Devils / Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Colorado Avalanche beat the Buffalo Sabres, 6-1, on Tuesday night. Any NHL game with a score like that tends to get a little chippy so it was no surprise when Coloardo's Nazem Kadri and Buffalo's Brandon Montour had to be seperated. What was a surprise were the very pointed and personal words that Kadri directed at Montour as he was pulled away by a referee.

Usually when people talk trash there's some form of "you suck!" Or the guy on the team with more points says to look at the scoreboard. But "You're a sh-tty defenseman on a sh-tty f--king team?" That just seems unnecessary.