Washington Nationals Struggle to Catch, Throw the Baseball

Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Washington Nationals have stumbled out of the starting blocks this year and now sit at 12-25 after falling to the Miami Marlins last night. The offense and pitching have struggled at times and the defense has made a Major League-leading 29 errors. If you'd like an example of how frustrating things have been, the Nationals combined to condense things down into an easily digestible clip sparked by a Jorge Soler ground ball. Watch how many things go wrong and consider how often you have to see an outfielder dive for a throw made by a catcher. Not very often!

Honestly, it's a bit disappointing that Soler didn't keep running. Considering all that had previously befallen the Nationals, there's a very slim chance they would have nailed him at the plate. At least he got to tell his family he hit a clean triple in true Little League style.