Nationals Fan Steals Baseball From a Group of Young Girls

Ryan Phillips

The Washington Nationals hosted the Oakland A's on Thursday, and while the team was working hard on the field, one fan was ruining people's nights in the stands. Video surfaced today of a grown man in a Juan Soto jersey, stealing a ball thrown to a group of young girls, then casually walking away. That guy is the absolute worst.

We don't have a ton of context for the video, but it shows Nationals right fielder Joey Meneses tossing a ball into the stands between innings. He was throwing it towards a group of five young girls who were begging for a ball. As it floats in their direction, a grown man with a glove on walks over and snags it out of the air before walking away.

Here's video of the incident:

Just an absolute scumbag move and something straight out of the Zack Hample playbook. This is truly an MLB fan at his worst. You want to catch that ball? Despite that being a lame move, fine, you caught it. But any normal, functioning human would immediately hand it to the girls it was intended for. Instead he just casually walked away. This is the exact kind of guy who will probably tell his friends he caught the ball barehanded on a screaming line drive.

Luckily, the Nationals have now seen the video and responded:

Here's hoping the story has a happy ending.