VIDEO: Nationals Fan Drops F-Bomb on Live TV While Celebrating World Series Win

Ryan Phillips
Nationals fans
Nationals fans / Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Washington Nationals fans all over the world are celebrating like crazy right now as their team came from behind to win Game 7 and clinch the first World Series title in franchise history. On fan in particular will wind up going down as a legend, though.

Washington's Fox 5 station was doing interviews on the street after the Nationals completed their 6-2 win over the Houston Astros, and they decided to interview a "gracious fan" in a Washington Capitals jersey. What happened next will go down in D.C. sports history for generations.

Check it out and be warned, the following is NSFW:

Now that is how you become a legend. He just was "gracious" all night when Fox 5's Sue Palka was around, biding his time and waiting for his chance. Then he just went for it on live TV and called Donald Trump an a-hole.

Well played, sir. Well played, indeed.