Nate Robinson Talks Flag Football, Evolution of Basketball, Mike D'Antoni Renaissance

Ryan Glasspiegel

Nate Robinson joins the podcast this week. He was made available by the American Flag Football league, whose games will be broadcasted on NFL Network this summer. We discussed:

  • How long an NFL career could he have had if he pursued that over basketball?
  • Was he surprised Mike D’Antoni, who coached him on the Knicks, is having this renaissance in Houston?
  • When traded from the Knicks to the Celtics, was he happy to be joining a contender or sad to leave the team that drafted him?
  • How painful was it to lose Game 7 of the Finals to the Lakers?
  • Those Finals were very low scoring — how did basketball evolve to the point where all these players are running the floor, spacing the court, and draining 3’s now?
  • Could the Warriors have conceivably accomplished what they’ve accomplished if they didn’t replace Mark Jackson with Steve Kerr?
  • His Holdat podcast with Carlos Boozer.

Hope you enjoy!