We Have Punches on Pit Road, People

Kyle Koster

It requires a special amount of passion to survive The NASCAR Xfinity Series so it's no surprise that tensions sometimes bubble over into ways society deems unacceptable. That happened last night during the Alsco 300 in Kentucky where Harrison Burton and Noah Gragson had a difference of opinion on the physics precipitating a collision.

That's a pretty solid right hook, which is impressive because racecar drivers are preconditioned to always go left. Each tried to put their own spin on the dustup. Burton seemed especially content with what all had happened.

"I had a lot of people coming up to me afterwards saying that was a long time coming, so I guess that was a popular move, but honestly it's about these guys that worked so hard on this race car ... and giving us a race car that's capable of winning both nights," he said.

Trading paint and trading knuckle scrapes. Feels pretty normal for once.