NASCAR Crash In Chicago Is Pure Chaos


NASCAR is racing in Chicago this weekend and it will be a decision studied for years because the whole situation has been a bit bizarre. But that doesn't mean it hasn't been entertaining in the way people gawk on the highway during a traffic backup. And in a beautiful tribute to the nightmarish rush-hour conditions area drivers can encounter on the Edens or the Dan Ryan, the race came to a complete halt after a significant crash coming around a sharp corner. It all started with one car and didn't stop until a huge portion of the field came flying in to make things even more impassable.

We are far from racing experts but it seems like it's a bad sign if you're ever going in reverse.

The only people happy about this are lovers of chaos and the good people over at McDonald's who benefitted from incredible placement. Having seven cars get stuck in front of your sign for a prolonged period of time has to be worth tens of thousands of free advertising dollars.

This is one of those clips that must be viewed several times because you see something new and different with each subsequent watch. Just when it seems total disaster can be diverted and there's going to be room to pass, that little window disappears.