NASCAR Allowing Bubba Wallace's Team to Check if 43-Car Has Been Tampered With

Kyle Koster
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Today's NASCAR race at Talladega will be run under the most unusual and unfortunate of circumstances. Everyone is reeling from someone feeling emboldened enough to leave a noose in Bubba Wallace's team stall. Car owner Richard Petty, who has been avoiding in-person attendance due to his 82 years and COVID-19 concerns, is flying in to give his driver a hug. More outside eyes than usual will be on all parties to see how they react.

Odd times call for odd measures and that's how you get NASCAR allowing the No. 43 side to check over Wallace's car to ensure nothing nefarious took place overnight.

That's where we're at. There's a bar of reasonability that's been cleared to make sure someone isn't trying to sabotage Wallace's car, which would put his life in danger. And more than likely it's being overly cautious. Still a bit depressing.