Nancy Grace Erroneously Implies Owen Hart Died from Drug Abuse

Ryan Glasspiegel

Nancy Grace covered Ultimate Warrior’s death Wednesday night on Headline News, and it didn’t go so well. Shortly into the sequence, a list scrolled down of wrestlers who died young, while Grace talked to an expert about the effects of drugs and steroid abuse on the human body. Owen Hart, who fell to his death during a WWE event because of an equipment malfunction, was included in the list. So was Mark Curtis, who died from stomach cancer. (Grace doesn’t ever say Hart and Curtis died due to steroid use, but it’s implied by the segment.)

WWE fans are generally up in arms about the conflation today, and former pro wrestler Mick Foley has called for an apology:

In addition to the Hart mistake, it’s at the very least premature to conclude that the Ultimate Warrior died from steroid abuse, though it certainly isn’t out of the question that past usage was a contributing factor.