Najee Harris Didn't Know NFL Games Could End in Ties

Ryan Phillips
Detroit Lions v Pittsburgh Steelers
Detroit Lions v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

We got our first tie of the season on Sunday, as the Detroit Lions an Pittsburgh Steelers battled to a draw in a truly horrendous game. As happens almost every time there's a tie, we leaned that plenty of NFL players don't actually know the league's rules. Najee Harris freely admitted he didn't know games could end in ties until just before the contest was over.

And it wasn't just Harris, Lions running back Godwin Igwebuike had no idea either!

How is this possible? Can't the NFL do like an intro program for young players where they explain all the rules including, you know, the ways you can win, lose or, yes, tie?

I'm always amazed when players don't know the basic rules of the sport. I mean, I guess Harris could be forgiven because he's a rookie and the college rules are different. But Igwebuike has been in the league on and off since 2018 -- mostly as a practice squad guy. There have been three ties since he entered the NFL. How did he not catch any of those?

So as a public service announcement for all NFL players: Yes, the game can end in a tie if no one has scored after 10 minutes of overtime play.