Najee Harris, As Everyone Is, Thrilled to See A Ron

Kyle Koster
Alabama running back Najee Harris
Alabama running back Najee Harris /

Before he was punishing defenses at Alabama, Najee Harris was slicing up defenses as a five-star running back in Antioch, Calif. There he was covered by Ron Kroichick of the San Francisco Chronicle.

The two were reunited today in a teleconference previewing next week’s national title game. Kroichick popped in to ask a question and his voice was recognized by Harris, who wondered why the journalist came in as if the two didn’t go way back.

This type of interaction is far superior to the one that happens with fate more frequency, where the reporter thinks there’s a much deeper connection upon arrival but leaves knowing it’s strictly business.

Also, this is unscientific, but it seems like guys named Ron are more likely to be party animals that their peers not named Ron. Something about the Ron experience really allows them to cut loose. Again, purely anecdotal, but would be interested in any scholarly research done on the topic.