Myles Garrett Stands By Accusation That Mason Rudolph Used a Racial Slur

Stephen Douglas
Myles Garrett hitting Mason Rudolph with a helmet.
Myles Garrett hitting Mason Rudolph with a helmet. / Jason Miller/Getty Images

Myles Garrett was reinstated by the NFL earlier this week. He then sat down with Mina Kimes for an Outside the Lines interview. Garrett again insisted that Steelers' quarterback Mason Rudolph called him the n-word before he hit him with his own helmet.

While Garrett doesn't use the alleged use of a racial slur as an excuse for what happened, he does make sure to note that the Steelers were still passing the ball when the incident took place. The Steelers were down two touchdowns with 14 seconds remaining and facing a 3rd and 29 when Rudolph released the ball well before Garrett dragged him to the ground.

The NFL investigation into Garrett's accusation turned up nothing, which only means if Rudolph said it, he didn't say it loud enough for anyone else to hear him in a noisy football stadium. Garrett's indefinite suspension ended up being six games.