Mustache News: Aaron Rodgers is Back in the Game

Bobby Burack

Currently, sports fans are occupied with arguing online about NBA free agency and debating if Kevin Durant should have played in Game 5. Which means they are likely unaware of sports’ latest story. During an ordinary football talk interview, Aaron Rodgers arrived displaying a fantastic mustache.

(Don’t worry, I caught Matthew Berry trying to overshadow it with fantasy football talk)

The mustache is back. And I say back because, as true football fans know, Rodgers is no stranger to the ‘stache game.

It wasn’t a bad look in 2017, and sure isn’t now:

With that said, the 2013-version remains the gold standard. If we are to be honest.

As you already know, Tom Brady has always struggled in the facial hair department. As has Peyton Manning for spending his many years in the NFL terrified to have his compared to people like Rodgers.

Where Rodgers’ mustache ranks is where this conversation is undoubtedly heading. Hulk Hogan leads all followed by Wild Bill Hickok from Deadwood. But after that, things are pretty open. Shall we vote?