Muscles in Matt Harvey's Throwing Shoulder Half the Size of His Other Shoulder--Which Sounds Bad!

Stephen Douglas

Matt Harvey last pitched on June 14th and went on the disabled list on June 15th. Harvey is expected to resume throwing when the New York Mets return from the All-Star break, but it doesn’t appear there’s any official timetable for a return to the rotation. Perhaps that’s the approach Harvey and the team should have initially taken following the surgery to correct the thoracic outlet that ended his 2016 season because whatever approach they took sounds like a colossal failure. Via Newsday:

"that the procedure left Harvey with weakness in the muscles behind his throwing shoulder, which led to problems as he tried to pitch during the first half. Only after Harvey went on the disabled list did doctors discover that the muscles behind his right shoulder were roughly half the size of those on his left, Warthen said. “It totally atrophied,” he said. “He didn’t have the strength to maintain, so his bullpens wouldn’t be good. The first inning would be good and then all of a sudden that thing wouldn’t work, it wouldn’t fire. That’s been the whole thing. We’ve been building that back up the whole time.”"

Maybe the Mets should have started the season with a basic physical because that makes it sound like Harvey looked like Mathias Schlitte, except the small arm was the one he was supposed to use for throwing fastballs. You have to wonder if he could even swing a golf club like that. The Mets training staff really is having an incredible season.