Nielsen Declares Super Bowl LVII Most-Watched Ever, Three Months Later

Chiefs-Eagles Super Bowl
Chiefs-Eagles Super Bowl / Peter Casey/GettyImages

Remember the Super Bowl back in February? That was fun, right? The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles played a good game and the months that have passed have dulled the irritation of the game being decided by a cheap holding call. Everybody except KC fans and Eagles fans have since moved on, what with free agency and the draft demanding attention be turned towards the future. But Nielsen said "Not so fast" and issued a stat correction today regarding the ratings for Super Bowl LVII.

It turns out it was the most-watched Super Bowl of all time via Nielsen counting methods and they just got it wrong when initially releasing the numbers. Oops. Fox Sports was very eager to let everybody know about this immediately.

A tremendous moment for Fox as they can now boast internally and externally that they broadcasted the most-watched Super Bowl of all time. Too bad it came three months too late for anybody to care very much.