More Details on Revamped ESPN SportsCenter Lineup

ESPN / Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Earlier today, Cari Champion announced she is leaving ESPN after seven years, and The Big Lead reported that Matt Barrie and Elle Duncan will be anchoring SportsCenter at noon on weekdays in the future. Per a source with knowledge of ESPN's schedule, here are the details of the revamped lineup for the network's flagship news and highlights program:

1. David Lloyd, who previously co-hosted Coast to Coast with Cari Champion, will anchor Monday at 7 am alongside Hannah Storm and Tuesday and Wednesday at 7 am alongside Toni Collins.

2. Nicole Briscoe and Randy Scott will co-host at 7 am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

3. Hannah Storm and Jay Harris will co-host at 9 am on Saturday and Sunday, and do the noon show on Fridays.

4. In addition to doing noon on Monday through Thursday, Duncan and Barrie have the Sunday 7 am SportsCenter.

An ESPN spokesperson declined to comment for this story.