Montreal Canadiens Fans Had Themselves a Celebratory Riot After Making the Stanley Cup Finals

Stephen Douglas
Montreal Canadiens fans celebrate.
Montreal Canadiens fans celebrate. / ANDREJ IVANOV/Getty Images

The Montreal Canadiens beat the Las Vegas Golden Knights in overtime of Game 6 on Thursday night, 3-2, to advance to their first Stanley Cup Finals since 1993. Fans were pretty excited about it so they celebrated with a little riot and even flipped over at least one police car. Police in riot gear responded.

This is quite a departure from inside the Bell Centre where the team wouldn't even touch the Prince of Wales trophy because it's considred bad luck. It also brought back memories of the 2011 Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver, though this one was considerably more subdued and thus far has resulted in far fewer iconic photographs.

Who knows what will happen if the Habs actually win The Cup.