The Monster Mash is One of the Best Holiday Songs Ever Recorded

Stephen Douglas
Monster Mash fans park for free.
Monster Mash fans park for free. / George Rose/Getty Images

Happy October. Some people - like me, for example - will argue that it is the best month of the year. The weather has cooled off. New seasonal beverages enter our lives. There is football and postseason baseball (and now basketball and golf, too). Most importantly, the holidays are approaching, starting with the best holiday, Halloween.

Halloween is fun. There are no family obligations. There is no pressure. It's just horror movies and candy and decorations and did I mention it is socially acceptable to listen to the Monster Mash? On a list of the greatest holiday songs of all time, Bobby Pickett is probably right behind Mariah Carey.

I didn't truly fall in love with the Monster Mash until my freshman year of college when I found out my roommate hated it. So I played it all the time. In the 100 years since then he made the mistake of being one of the few people from college who is on Twitter. That means I can tweet it at him every year. He hates it. It's the best.

This ridiculous song is nearly 60 years old. It's been around so long that the Misfits recorded a version that is old enough to drink. Today, on the first day of October, we should celebrate a month of the mash. Because from November 1st to September 30th, people will judge you and they will be right to do so. So enjoy it.