Monday Night Game Coming to the NFL Playoffs This Year

Kyle Koster
Rob Carr/Getty Images

The NFL added an extra playoff team last year and it resulted in back-to-back tripleheaders on Wild Card Weekend. In its infinite wisdom, the league has gone back into the lab to tinker with things again and emerged with a new plan for this coming postseason, which includes a Monday night game after two on Saturday and three on Sunday.

In its announcement this morning, the NFL said the broadcaster for the Monday night game has yet to be determined. CBS and NBC each have two of the broadcasts while Fox and ESPN/ABC each have one. It would be superweird for another network to suddenly be in the Monday night game but the opportunity for primetime ratings means they all want it.

Peter King brought this possibility up back in February, saying that it was between 50-50 and very likely. Anyone familiar with tea leaves could read it as an inevitability.

Forcing an extra team to have a short turnaround during the postseason will create an obvious competitive disadvantage. On the other hand, there's money. Money is going to win that battle nine times out of 10.