MLS Return Target Date Seems a Tad Optimistic

Ryan Glasspiegel
MLS Cup / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

There's only so many ways we can keep writing the same lede about how, along with big portions of the rest of our lives, sports are on hold while we social distance to stem the tide of coronavirus. A silver lining, however, emerged today when the MLS announced that they've been communicating with the CDC and have set May 10 as a target for when the league will resume:

I don't think there's a sports fan alive in America right now who wouldn't sign up for May 10th as the date for sports to return, even if it's in empty venues. If the MLS could play at or around that date, it would stand to reason that MLB, NBA, and NHL would also be able to return for that juncture.

It is great news that trajectories seem to be improving in China and South Korea enough for businesses to return and have imminent dates for the resumption of sports -- in South Korea, the professional basketball league reportedly plans to announce it could resume as early as the end of this month.

So while there's a light at the end of the tunnel if we can flatten the pandemic curve, May 10 still seems a tad soon for us. This is a circumstance where I would love nothing more than to be wrong.