MLS is Back Tournament Looks Like They Hired The Fyre Festival Catering Team

Stephen Douglas

Major League Soccer teams are slowly arriving in their Florida bubble ahead of the "MLS is Back Tournament" set to run from July 8th to August 11th. On Tuesday morning, Toronto FC and USMNT defender Omar Gonzalez tweeted a picture of his lunch, along with the menu. There are some serious Fyre Festival vibes here.

We're going to need a very thorough explanation about those prices because it seems like that might have cost him $65. And players who are there the entire month are going to spend nearly $6000 on food?

In related news, The Athletic had a story over the weekend about some of the other amenities available to players in the bubble. It could be a long month. Especially, if wifi problems persist.

"Each team — many of which will have their own floor in the hotel — will have three entertainment rooms available to them: one for cards, one for ping-pong and one for video games. Each team also has one golf and fishing outing available for free to the entire squad. Additional golf and fishing outings will likely be available but, if they are, they will likely come at cost to the participants. Other potential entertainment options for players include cooking classes and paddle boats in the resort’s on-site lake. "

It seems that the cooking classes might be well-attended.