MLBPA Quotes Deadspin in Letter to League Office

Liam McKeone
MLB / Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

The battle between Major League Baseball and the Players Association continues to rage as the two sides battle over salary details should the season be shortened and/or have no fans in attendance. The MLBPA sent a letter to MLB today explaining its displeasure with the terms and negotiations. The letter also quoted Deadspin, as reported by Jon Heyman:

Everyone's blood pressure is rising here, from the league to the Players Association to even Mad Dog telling the union to go to hell in a rant yesterday. It's a contentious situation that doesn't seem likely to be resolved in time for baseball to come back by July 4, as was the original goal of the proposal sent to players last week.

Deadspin being included in a union letter to Major League Baseball is something out of a fever dream caused by staying inside for two months on end, but I don't think my eyes are deceiving me. What a time.