MLB Wild Card Standings

Liam McKeone
Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics
Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics / Stephen Lam/Getty Images

The playoffs are quickly approaching for MLB, and things are getting interesting. Most of the divisional title races are wrapped up, but the wild card race will continue up until the final days of the season, which will wrap up on Sept. 29.

Here are the Wild Card positions as it stands through September 25.

AL Wild Card Race

1. Oakland A's (94-63), 0.5 game lead

2. Tampa Bay Rays (94-64)

3. Cleveland Indians (93-64), 0.5 games behind

NL Wild Card Race

1. Washington Nationals (88-69), 1 game lead

2. Milwaukee Brewers (87-70)

3. Chicago Cubs (82-75), 5 games behind

4. New York Mets (82-75), 5 games behind