Here Are MLB The Show 23 Predictions for the Season

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It's been a long time since Major League Baseball was riding this much momentum headed into a season, as a thrilling World Baseball Classic gives way to new rules changes aimed at making the proceedings more action-packed. Both of the New York teams promise to be title contenders and a bevy of young stars will be jockeying to become the second-in-command between Shohei Ohtani in Face of Baseball duty.

MLB The Show 23, effectively drumming up interest for its March 28 release date, has taken the liberty of predicting the season through simulation. Does this game's processing system somehow have the capacity to see into the future? Time will tell.

Braves fans are certainly hoping it does as the fake World Series featured Atlanta prevailing over the Houston Astros in six games.

Here is everything that could happen, if video games dictate reality.

Max Scherzer
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NL East

Braves 103-59

Mets 96-66

Phillies 76-86

Marlins 74-88

Nationals 47-155

Corbin Burnes
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NL Central

Brewers 88-74

Cardinals 87-75

Reds 79-83

Cubs 74-88

Pirates 62-100

Mookie Betts
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NL West

Dodgers 103-59

Padres 90-72

Giants 83-79

Rockies 65-97

Diamondbacks 63-99