Most Profitable MLB Teams According to Forbes

New York Yankees
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On March 23, Forbes released the publication's latest valuations of all the Major League Baseball teams heading into the 2023 season. There are few surprises -- the New York Yankees remain the most valuable team in baseball and in American sports, by a wide margin. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox follow. The bottom of the list features organizations such as the Oakland Athletics and Miami Marlins. It's more or less as expected.

The interesting stuff is the operating income. Operating income is essentially a team's profit after you take away all the expenses. So while a team like the Yankees rakes in massive revenue, its operating income isn't that high due to expenses like their payroll. Operating income tells us how much money a team makes, and Forbes provided those numbers alongside the valuations this year.

So here we will list the most profitable teams in Major League Baseball based off their operating income from 2022. Some teams actually lost money and thus will have their operating loss listed instead.

Julio Rodriguez, J.P. Crawford
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1. Seattle Mariners

Operating Income: $83.8 million