MLB Stadium SMALL Beer Prices Will Encourage More Pregaming

Stephen Douglas

How much do beers cost in Major League Baseball stadiums around the league? VinePair created this helpful infographic so you can either be delighted or horrified about how much you’re paying for the smallest, cheapest beer your local stadium compared to fans in other cities. That’s right–smallest and cheapest.

No matter what the size, I am shocked that there are professional sports stadiums that sell any amount of beer for $4.00. Those are water prices. I’m also delighted to see that the SMALLEST beer at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia comes in a 21-ounce pour. No wonder those fans always seems so damn weird.

If you head over to VinePair, you can see the beer further broken down by price per ounce. Turns out there are no advantages to being a Miami Marlins fan.