'MLB on TBS' Studio Team Gets Easy Buckets on 'Inside the NBA' Crew


Some smart person at Turner realized that halftime of a Golden State Warriors-Memphis Grizzlies game would be the perfect place to plug MLB on TBS Tuesday Night and sprung into action cooking up a scenario where the studio team could meet up with the Inside the NBA crew like a less violent Anchorman. And so we had Pedro Martinez running point with Curtis Granderson and Jimmy Rollins off-the-ball as Kenny Smith made a point about the Dubs' offensive strategy and Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal bent into defensive positioning. Just realizing this sounds like a person trying to explain a particularly odd dream they had but video footage confirms that this actually happened.

During the demonstration, Granderson set a down pick and slipped to the bucket in a way that prevented a flat-footed O'Neal from keeping pace and finished with style, getting hoop and harm. The development sent the set into delirium.

Spectacular producing.

Someone is absolutely going to blow out a knee ligament on that set one day and instead of having any sympathy, we're going to meme them into oblivion. It's not right but it's just the way it is.