MLB Needs a 69-Game Season

Stephen Douglas
Rob Manfred and a baseball player.
Rob Manfred and a baseball player. / Brace Hemmelgarn/Getty Images

Major League Baseball is at a crossroads. Will they play baseball or not? One path leads to baseball being played and fans maybe watching because there is literally nothing else happening. The other path leads to at least one lost season. Maybe two. Maybe the sport never recovers. Honestly, who can say for certain?

MLB's decent-faith negotiations with the MLB Players Union picked back up over the last 24 hours following a meeting between Rob Manfred and Tony Clark. On Wednesday, MLB proposed a 60-game season. Today, the MLBPA countered with a 70-game proposal.

MLB will likely volley with another counteroffer for a season with games in the low 60's. If and when that happens, the union will be left with one final option.

Propose a 69-game season.

Rob Manfred and the MLB owners MUST agree to a 69-game season. After weeks and months of public squabbling and negotiating through the media, fans are fed up and on the verge of walking away with or without a season. The only way to save face in the eyes of the public is to play 69 games. It doesn't matter how the schedule is laid out. They have to do this. It's what is best for everyone.

So come on, MLB. Come on, owners. Come on, players. Agree to 69 and be done with it.