MLB Players And Mascots Must Band Together to Destroy the Cardboard Cutout Fans

Stephen Douglas
Detroit Tigers fans.
Detroit Tigers fans. / Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Major League Baseball's shortened regular season is coming to a close and its extended postseason is fast approaching. When the playoffs arrive, teams will leave their home ballparks and move to regional bubbles, leaving their fans behind. That means the time to destroy the cardboard cutouts in the stands is running out.

Unfortunately, MLB ignored my plea to remove the safety netting and allow foul balls to F up the fake fans. So that means players must take action. San Francisco Giants outfielder Alex Dickerson threw some balls into the stands on Wednesday. Hopefully more players will follow his lead and starting taking target practice.

But it's not just the players who need to step it up. The mascots have the most time to kill and they should use it to kill the cutouts. The Phillie Phanatic got into it with a Mets fan on Thursday. No disrespect to whoever's likeness that is, but the Phanatic should have taken it up a notch and taken him down.

Let's not pretend the fate of these printouts is anything but the garbage. Players and mascots might as well get serious about having some fun and destroying these things.

UPDATE: SportsCenter has also take an interest in the "cardboard carnage." Let's keep this momentum going everyone.