MLB is Finally Uploading Content to YouTube, Here's Kevin Mitchell Making a Barehanded Catch [Retro

SF@STL: Kevin Mitchell makes unbelievable catch
SF@STL: Kevin Mitchell makes unbelievable catch / MLB

I don’t believe what I just embedded.

An actual Major League Baseball approved, embeddable video from YouTube.

Bloggers rejoice!

As of now there’s not a ton of content, but there are 30 classic plays, so if I can compose a post that includes ‘RBI Baseball’ legend Kevin Mitchell catching a ball in foul territory with his bare hand, you’re damn right I’m going to do it.

Hopefully Major League Baseball Advanced Media, which is pretty great about everything else it does (aside from the Saturday blackout rule, cough cough) can get a grasp of this new-found, crazy YouTube thing all the kids have been talking about … for the past seven years.

Let’s hope whomever is running the MLB YouTube page uploadeds more than simply the latest offerings from the dreadful MLB Fan Cave.

At least we’ll all be able to watch Spider Bo whenever we feel like it now. That’s something.