MLB Demands Apology from Colin Cowherd for Comments on Dominican Players

By Jason Lisk

The Colin Cowherd story in regard to his comments on Dominican players and the complexity of the game just escalated. MLB has issued a public demand for an apology from Cowherd.

Less than an hour ago, ESPN released a statement on the situation, which said:

“Some of Colin’s comments yesterday referencing the Dominican Republic were inappropriate and do not reflect ESPN’s values of respect for all communities. Colin’s on-air response today addressed the importance of making sure his opinions are fact-based and responsible for all people.”

It was a bizarre statement. It acknowledged the inappropriateness, but didn’t go further to resolve the issue. The statement about his on-air response, quite frankly, made no sense in light of what I heard (and re-listened to). He didn’t apologize or say anything about being more fact-based. He did rattle off more stats on the Dominican Republic, compare himself to comedians who push things to the edge, and groused about Deadspin playing only part of the clip. There didn’t seem to be anything acknowledging inappropriateness.

I suspected that the statement wouldn’t end matters with MLB, and just a few minutes ago, they released their own statement.

Major League Baseball condemns the remarks made by Colin Cowherd, which were inappropriate, offensive, and completely inconsistent with the values of our game. Mr. Cowherd owes our players of Dominican origin, and Dominican people in general, an apology.

Note that statement doesn’t make any overt threats about what they expect to happen if an apology does not occur, but the timing of this coming out shortly after ESPN’s effort is no accident.

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