Just Make This the Commercial for Major League Baseball

Kyle Koster

Say what you want about Detroit Tigers fans but we have remarkably sunny dispositions. The ol' home team can lose three in a row or at a 60 percent clip for three decades and as soon as there's any type of competency, Comerica Park will be packed with baseball-hungry loyalists. In the meantime there's always checking out a game to chill out and consume overpriced beers, sometimes from great seats right behind the visitors' dugout. Which is the scene this tank top enthusiast found himself in last night as a pop fly fell from the heavens and into his very full cup of beer. That's when things truly became interesting.

I want to be careful not to overstate this. And I slept on the thought just in case. But these 25 seconds combine to make one of the most impactful commercials for the sport of baseball you'll ever see. It captures everything that's fun about being at a game — and the predictably unpredictability of every minute — perfectly. Everything about it is spectacular. A cinematic masterpiece. One of the best short films of the year. Hell, one of the best films of the year regardless of length.

It has everything. Slow-motion explosions. A likable protagonist. Comedy. Jokes. A touch of sweetness and general feel-goodery. All the good stuff Kenny Chesney was singing about in that song. Forget rule changes and robot umpires and bat flips. This right here is how you grow the game.

Admittedly a shot in the dark here, but if anyone knows the fan involved, please let us know. He deserves his 15 minutes.