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Miz Recreated the Brian Windhorst Meme on WWE Raw

Stephen Douglas

During a 4th of July WWE Monday Night Raw show The Miz did an interview and broke out the Brian Windhorst "why is that" fingers that have consumed the Internet for the entirety of the holiday weekend. Here's the top and bottom side-by-side.

You would think this would be a surreal moment for Windhorst, but as he was quick to point out, he and Miz go way back.

Of course, their connection doesn't just go back to a visit to an ESPN set. Now why is that?

Windhorst and Miz both rep The Land.

Miz was born and raised in Parma, Ohio, right outside Cleveland. Windhorst is famously from Akron, Ohio. In fact, if you can think of one person from Ohio more famous than either of these guys, I would be shocked.

Oh, yeah, LeBron James.

I knew I'd heard of Cleveland somewhere.