Mitt Romney as Ted Lasso Misquotes Friday Night Lights For Halloween

Stephen Douglas

Mitt Romney dressed up for Halloween today since its not like senators will be in the office over the weekend to see each other's costumes. I mean you certainly couldn't get me to work weekends for a measly $174,000. Anyway, Romney went with a very topical Ted Lasso costume today, even going so far as to tape a "BELIEVE" sign above his door. He then tweeted a gif of himself tapping the sign with a quote from Friday Night Lights.

Do we think Mitt Romney has watched Ted Lasso? Do we think he abides the language of Roy Effing Kent? It seems like a legitimate question, which is how something like this would happen. I've taken the opportunity to sketch out what the thought process for quoting the wrong show might have been in the Romney office this morning.

Romney's social media team didn't even get the wrong quote right.

Look. We appreciate the effort. It's an excellent Ted Lasso costume. Just get one of your youth consultants to make sure you're quoting the right show. Otherwise, you'll be roasted on Twitter and no politician has ever survived that.