Insane Mississippi State-Illinois Ending Was Heaven or Hell for Bettors

Kyle Koster

Mississippi State was favored by four points against Illinois in the Reliaquest Bowl. Illini backers thought they had things covered after the Bulldogs booted a go-ahead field goal to make it 13-10 with four seconds left. But then sports happened as Illinois ran what looked to be a productive lateral play for a while after the final whistle. One that ended in disaster as Mississippi State scooped up a fumble and took it all the way back for a score. It was one of those slow-moving, out-of-body experiences that either elated or deflated based on where a person's money was invested.

Adding to the confusion was a bit of a dustup after the touchdown, as well as a flag that was ultimately revealed to be for an illegal Illini block.

Never gamble, kids. Or always gamble. Lessons are all about one's perspective.