Mississippi State Baseball Fans Camp Out to Get College World Series Tickets, Tell Jokes on Local News

Stephen Douglas
Colt, a Mississippi State baseball fan.
Colt, a Mississippi State baseball fan. /

The College World Series final starts tonight in Omaha with the Mississippi State Bulldogs taking on the Vanderbilt Commodores. Vanderbilt earned their spot in the final three-game series after North Carolina State was forced to forfeit because of COVID issues. Meanwhile, Mississippi State beat Texas to advance, which left fans of the 7th-seeded team scrambling for tickets.

Like these poor Mississippi State college kids who camped out overnight hoping to grab some of the face value seats at the box office this morning.

Please watch this entire video in its entirety.

Thank you, WJTV, for giving these guys a platform. This is why the Internet exists. For nearly two minutes they set this up beautifully before allowing Colt here to deliver an incredible punchline that is disguised as a serious anecdote. Unless he really was serious, in which case maybe these guys should mark up their extra tickets just a little so he can pay for his girlfriend's husband's new teeth.