Minor Leaguer Forgets How to Baseball, Throws Ball to Fan While Winning Run Circles Bases


Norfolk and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre played a barnburner last night. The Rail Riders trailed the Tides by one in the bottom of the tenth, but put the tying run on second. A line-drive double over right fielder Anderson Feliz’s head delighted the home crowd, who had no idea how weird things were going to get.

Feliz, perhaps thinking the winning run was already stepping on home plate, loafed after the ball, then tossed it to a fan, allowing the batter to circle the bases then walk home with the actual deciding run.

On the bright side, Feliz has made a name for himself as a very chill guy who is also generous and willing to engage with the paying public. He also ended what could have been an interminably long extra-inning game on a weeknight, letting everyone to go home. Important to focus on the positives here.