Minor Leaguer Sends Towering Bat Flip High Into the Sky


The Asheville Tourists beat the Brooklyn Cyclones on Thursday, 11-4. Luis Santana went 3-for-5 with two home runs and a double. After hitting one of his home runs, he unleashed one of the most extreme bat flips of all time.

The absolute height on this is marvelous. The bat nearly touches the top of the vertical video. This has to be the highest bat flip ever. The only problem is that Santana might now try to top this and it could lead to disaster.

The human body is not meant to throw a baseball bat that high in the air. If he pushes the limits, he could injure himself. Not to mention if he messes up the launch angle. With the force he's exerting that thing could take an umpire's head off if he holds on to the bat for even a fraction of a second too long.

Bat flips are fun, but safety should always be a priority.