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Wild Minor League Baseball Brawl Features Player Hitting Own Teammate With Baseball

Stephen Douglas
Minor league brawl.
Minor league brawl. /

The South Bend Cubs beat the Fort Wayne TinCaps, 12-10, on Tuesday night in high-A minor league baseball action. Obviously, there was a brawl because why else would we be talking about it? More than 1,600 people were in attendance for the fight and game.

It seems tensions boiled over in the 8th after a batter took too much time leaving the box following a strikeout. The Fort Wayne catcher then told him to move along and the benches cleared. There was little posturing as it happened. It briefly looked like things were going to stop, but then a Fort Wayne player threw a ball, which hit his own teammate in the back of the head. Then it was back on.

According to NBC Chicago, only three players and a manager were ejected. Presumably the player who hit his own teammate with a baseball found himself in timeout.