Minnesota Vikings Trade Into Final First Round Pick, Take Teddy Bridgewater


Teddy Bridgewater was projected to go much higher, but spent the draft season getting trashed. Love, love, love this move for Minnesota. Possibly the move of the draft, for several reasons. They gave up a mid-round pick to move from #40 to #32, and just in front of Houston. Here’s why it is a smart move–the new rookie contracts give first round picks a fifth year club option. That is tremendous value IF he turns out to be a quality starter. An extra year for a starting quarterback is easily worth a middle round pick. Oh, and I think Bridgewater will be a good starter in this league, and he’s going to a situation where he doesn’t have to start week 1 (Cassel could open the year as the starter in 2014 and give way when Bridgewater is ready).