The Minnesota Twins Just Lost Their 17th Straight Postseason Game

Ryan Phillips
Rocco Baldelli, Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins
Rocco Baldelli, Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins / Brace Hemmelgarn/Getty Images

Life as a Minnesota Twins fan has to be excruciating. Yes, the franchise won World Series titles in 1987 and 1991, but things have been bleak ever since. On Tuesday, the Twins fell to the Houston Astros 4-1 in the opening game of their Wild Card series. That was the 17th consecutive loss in a playoff game for the franchise. That's just unfathomable.

The streak dates all the way back to 2004, when the Twins jumped ahead 1-0 in their ALDS series against the Yankees. They proceeded to lose the next three games and were bounced from the postseason. That started a trend that has stretched to this day.

In 2006 they were swept in the ALDS by the Oakland Athletics 3-0. The same thing happened against the Yankees in both 2009 and 2010. After six years without a playoff appearance, the Twins were in the AL Wild Card game against the Yankees in 2017. Predictably, they lost 8-4. Finally, in 2019 the Twins capped a remarkable 101-61 season by being swept in the ALDS by the Yankees 3-0 once again.

With Tuesday's loss, that's 17 straight defeats dating back 16 years. The Twins haven't won a postseason game since October 5, 2004 and haven't won a postseason series since 2002, when they improbably beat the "Moneyball" version of the Oakland A's 3-2 in the ALDS.

That's nearly 20 years of playoff futility and it has stretched over seven different postseason trips. The Twins have had different managers, different players and different front office leadership, it hasn't mattered one bit. It's a completely inexplicable run of bad luck.