Minnesota State Senator Appears Shirtless While Voting Over Zoom


Minnesota State Senator Cal Bahr worked from home on Monday. We know this because he voted by Zoom this morning and when it came time for him to vote yes, he appeared shirtless, clearly still laying in bed, with a Schoolhouse Rock, "I'm Just a Bill" Zoom background. He quickly ducked down as he turned off his camera and most of his fellow lawmakers appeared to miss it happen live.

However, it's also very clear that at least two people were watching the screen and saw this happen live. Bahr, a Republican representing Minnesota's District 31, should be advised to leave the cat filter on in the future. It's just as funny, but less embarassing.

We are more than three years into the Zoom era and the fact that this kind of thing can still happen is amazing. Please be careful with your video call options.