Minions Tweet and Quickly Delete Creepy Tom Brady Photoshop

Minions / Kevin Winter/Getty Images

There is an official, verified Minions Twitter account. As with any good brand, it exists to promote upcoming content (new movie this summer) and share topical dank memes that the kids will like. Today to celebrate the NFC Championship Game, @Minions tweeted a picture of a Minion photoshopped into a picture of Tom Brady kissing one of his children. The caption for the tweet was "Squeeze us like a deflated football @TomBrady."

The super weird tweet wasn't up for terribly long before someone deleted it because, well, it was weird. Who knows how this will affect the box office results of the new movie.

Now we play the waiting game. Should the Bucs hold on and advance to the Super Bowl, how will Brady and his social media team respond? I can't wait!